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Recruiting via LinkedIn – Dos and Don’ts

Resourcing by direct approach on LinkedIn is fast becoming the norm when advert response is slow or not the quality you desire for your vacancy.

To succeed in this area, you must consider several aspects of the process, which is almost the opposite of dealing with applications to your live roles. When making a new approach or connection request, you have limited time (and characters) to get your message across and encourage a response.

Here are five tips to help you connect more successfully and engage new talent for those difficult-to-fill vacancies.

1. Only approach those who will be attracted to your role. If they’re NEARLY the right fit, they’re RARELY the right fit.

2. Your approach must include the Job Title and location in the first sentence. Often that is all a reader will see before deciding to connect or accept your InMail.

3. The second sentence should specifically say WHY you have approached the person directly. Make sure each message is unique and includes the experience they show in their profile.

4. Don’t start with “I am sorry for approaching you directly”. Starting negatively is unlikely to get the engagement you need. Besides, this is nearly 40 characters (more than 10% of your allowance and, let’s face it, you are not REALLY sorry, are you?)

5. React immediately to any positive connections – in hours not days. Getting someone engaging, and then ghosting them, is hardly likely to encourage positive dialogue.

We hope these simple tips help you to increase the effectiveness of your approaches on LinkedIn. 🚀

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And do let me know in the comments what works best for your LinkedIn approach?

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